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encaustic and mixed media on panel / 12 x 12 inches / available

Encaustic painting is a method of mixing beeswax with pigments, heating it and applying it to a surface such as a panel. In my pieces I use white beeswax as a method of layering and combining mixed media items to compose the picture. Over the years I have collected many bird nests, usually finding them on the ground after the Santa Ana winds have blown through southern California.

In Empty Nest #1 I photographed one of my nests that has a seed pod attached to the side and a blue shred of paper woven into the structure. The quilt block at the top is called flying geese. Behind it all is an antique handkerchief I found when I was a child.

encaustic and mixed media on panel / 12 x 12 inches / available

This nest was photographed in strong sunlight so the pine needles woven into it and extending beyond the edges produced dramatic shadows. The actual structure of the nest is solid making me think it was built by a mother bird with care and consideration. The lace piece above the nest is from my mother’s collection of linens and laces handed down to her by her aunt – also made with care and consideration.

encaustic and mixed media on panel, 12 x 12 inches / available

Walking my dogs one morning we came upon a dead hummingbird. I rescued the carcass and brought it home. I decided it was suitable to include in one of my bird nest projects. I found a small glass jar at a craft store that held the skull perfectly and attached the jar to the panel with wire. The background is an antique block print napkin and the nest is a photograph of one of the bird nests from my collection. It includes lots of fluffy padding that must have made a cozy home for the babies.

The three “Empty Nest” paintings were shown at the Orange County Fair in the Fine Arts Building from July 12 through August 12, 2019. It won Second Place in its division.

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