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oil on canvas / 36 x 36 inches / sold

All my paintings have a story behind them. Take Icebergs for example. It was winter and time to prune the roses. I have six iceberg roses planted as a hedge in my back yard. There were so many blooms still on the bushes that I hated to just throw them in the waste bin. Instead I stacked them on the patio table thinking I could make a huge bouquet. But as the pile grew I saw a painting emerge. I just kept piling them up, then photographed the flowers. This became the third painting in my color block series.

Sometimes I tone the canvas before I start painting to give it an overall color and/or depth. In the case of Icebergs, I used pink to give the painting warmth and to accentuate the pinks found in the flowers. After the canvas was toned I drew the image using a Prismacolor pencil that blended with the overall color of the painting. Then I started in the upper right corner (I’m left handed) and worked my way across and down to the lower left corner. After I completed the first detailed layer of the painting I went back and made adjustments and finished the painting.


oil on canvas / 36 x 36 inches / sold

It was spring and the rainfall we had that year was wonderful. Poppies were blooming throughout California and people were heading out in droves to see them. Since I didn’t make it out to observe the phenomenon my neighbor gave me some of the poppies she had growing in her yard and I painted those instead. They were just as beautiful as the poppies growing wild in the fields. This is the fourth in my color block series, all of which are 36 x 36 inches with a dominate color and roots in nature.

oil on panel / 12 x 12 inches / available

I had a sheer ribbon with a gradation of color going from pink to gold and then back again to pink. It was gorgeous. Thinking that the transparency would make interesting shadows, I took it outside in the late afternoon and laid it out on the sidewalk. It worked! The shadows were great! The only problem was a slight breeze that kept blowing the ribbon down the walk. I had a hard time keeping up with it so I could get the photograph I wanted.

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